Memo   01/19/17

This is a courtesy notice for Townhome unit owners who have 2nd story decks attached to their homes. If you own a Townhome in Village Shires which has an original 2nd story deck attached to it, this notice is being sent to you as a courtesy.   The VSCA Board members wish for you to be aware that it may be advisable for you to have your 2nd story deck inspected to make sure that it is stable and safe.   

The original decks are now approaching 30 years old.  Many of you are probably aware that deck replacements have been underway in some of the various Condominium Associations here in VSCA.  It was found that the age of the wood, the condition of the joists and the strap hangers, the condition of the ledger board (the board that the decks are nailed and/or bolted to the building which sits behind the siding), the condition of the support posts (especially if they go down into the soil before sitting on the footer), the condition of the deck boards, these are just some of the issues that have caused the need for replacement. 

As you know, as an owner of a townhome, you are responsible for maintaining your home and lot.  This includes your deck.   The Village Shires Community Association has no role in performing safety inspections of your deck and/or its supporting structure and has no role in hiring a professional for purposes of inspection and maintenance.  The responsibility of maintaining the physical structure of your home, including your deck, belongs to you, as a homeowner. 

The VSCA Board hopes that all townhome owners who have decks will take this issue seriously so that no accidents will occur which might easily have been avoided.  

Village Shires Community Association