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New Mailing address for Association Fees

We have an updated PO Box for Association and Condo Payments as a convenience!  For faster processing, please update your Banking Institution and remember to write your Account # in the memo line.

Property Name

c/o Danella Realty

PO Box 65941

Phoenix, AZ  85082-5941

Have a great Day from VSCA!

Village Shires Trash and Recycling Policy

Village Shires Trash and Recycling Policy

Village Shires Trash / Recycling / Yard Waste Policy and Information

Question or Problem regarding Trash and Recycling in Northampton Township?

Email Northampton Township at or Click here for more information.

Village Shires Trash and Recycling policy

For all townhome and single homes, pick up is on Mondays. Bulk item pick up is also on Mondays. Please do not put items out for collection earlier than 6 pm Sunday evening. Return bins behind your house, out of site from the street, by Monday evening. Not complying is a category “A" violation of the Enforcement Procedures and carries a $1 to $49 fine.

Yard Waste

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Yard Waste will be picked up on Saturdays until further notice.

During this time period, unlimited yard waste will be collected and taken to a composting facility. In addition to using plastic or metal trash cans, you may use biodegradable, 30-gallon paper bags. Cans or bags must not weigh more than 50 pounds when full. Yard waste in plastic bags will not be collected during this period.

Tree branches and shrubbery must be no more than three inches in diameter and no more than thirty-six inches long.  They must be bundled or tied and put in biodegradable bags. Branches or shrubbery cannot extend over the top of the can.

From December 16 through March 31, yard waste is picked up on Mondays, the same day as your trash collection. You may set out a maximum of five containers of yard waste with your regular household trash. This yard waste is not composted, so it does not have to be put into biodegradable bags.

Disposal of Televisions, Computers, and Old Electronics

Televisions, computers and old electronics may not be put out with your trash. In addition to regularly scheduled electronics disposal events, there are other options that, although are not sponsored by the County, are suggestions for residents to consider.

E-Waste Expert, 416 Green Lane, Bristol, PA 19007, 877-328-2927.

Click here for more information.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Click here for local events.

Proper Mattress and Box Spring Disposal:

Mattresses and box springs are collected as a bulk item as part of our contract, but these items must be sealed in plastic prior to disposal. One mattress plus one box spring will count as one bulk item. Click here for more information. Upholstered furniture must also be sealed in plastic.

Disposal of Latex Paint

Let the paint dry in the can. Adding kitty litter or a commercial drying agent will speed up the drying process. When paint is dry, replace lid and double bag the can before putting it in the trash. Leaking paint will damage the trucks and stain our streets. Click here for more information.

Village Shires Dumping Policy

Do not use open space for any kind of dumping. Dumping of any kind on common ground includes yard waste, tree branches, leaves. Not complying is a category “C" violation of the Enforcement Procedures and carries a minimum $100 fine plus damages.