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Do not use open space for any kind of dumping. Dumping of any kind on common ground (yard waste, tree branches, leaves, etc.) is a category 'C" violation of the Enforcement  Procedures and carries a $100.00 fine. 

Disposal of TV's and Electronics


Please be advised you cannot dispose of TV’s and other Electronic devices at curbside. You must make arrangements for disposal.

Disposal options are as follows:

Leck Waste Services for pickup  call 215-675-8000 ext #4 for price and arrangements

E-Waste Experts 877-328-2977  416 Green Lane in Bristol   for drop off 

Shred One, 830 County Line Rd, Suite 310, Huntingdon Valley, PA, 19006 • 215-364-2265

Mascaro Trash

Mascaro has announced that due to COVID-19 they are behind in trash and recycle collections. If you have any questions or complaints please contact Mascaro directly at 1-888-MASCARO (1-888-627-2276).

Essential Services in The State of PA

According to The State of Pennsylvania Village Shires Community Association is classified under the Industry of Professional & Business Services. Under the sub-sector Administration & Support. This category supplies services to buildings and dwellings. This category also includes janitorial, pest control and landscaping services. See the State issued page under community documents. 

Electric Bathroom Exhaust Fan Fire Hazard - Notice from Northampton Fire Marshal

We are recommending that all residents within Village Shires review the condition of their bathroom fans as soon as possible.

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Community Announcements

Tenant Registration

Please remember that ALL new & existing tenants must be registered with the office at Village Shires. Check out the Community Documents section for more information and for the forms that are needed! 

ILLEGAL DUMPING in Condominium Dumpsters

It has come to the attention of the VSCA Board that residents in the town homes and single homes have reportedly been seen dumping trash and/or construction debris in dumpsters which do not belong to them.  Please be advised that the town homes and single homes do not have any dumpsters that belong to them for trash or recyclable dumping. These dumpsters belong to the condominium associations where they are located and are paid for by those individual communities. The town homes and single homes have curbside pick-up contracted to Mascaro by Northampton Township. Please pass this information on to any contractor you may have doing work in your home that there is NO DUMPING of trash or debris in any dumpster including the dumpster located at Clubhouse One or any other community dumpster. The VSCA Board is prepared to support the involvement of The Northampton Township Police Department and any resulting tickets, fines and/or prosecution. Please pass this information on to your tenants also. Thanks for your cooperation.

Northampton Township Dog Ordinance

Chapter 2: Animal - Part 1: Dogs - 2-105. Sanitary Maintenance:

"It shall be the responsibility of dog owners to keep their dogs from scratching, digging, defecating or urinating upon any lawns, trees, shrubs, plants, buildings or any other public or private property, excluding the property of the dog owner. The owner of any dog, in the event that such dog defecates on any property other than that of the owner, shall immediately remove and dispose of all feces so deposited in a sanitary manner. Also, it is the responsibility of the owner of any animal to properly clean and otherwise maintain his pounds, kennels, yards and other areas in which such animal is kept to prevent the creation of any nuisance, health hazard or odor." 


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Community Bulletin Board


Northampton Township Police Department

Northampton Township Police Department
50 Township Road
Richboro PA  18954
Michael B. Clark, Chief of Police
15-322-6111 (fax) 215-357-3592


To: All residents of Northampton Township;

The Northampton Township Police Department has experienced a sharp increase in thefts from unlocked vehicles, predominantly in the Holland area of the township.

On August 16, 2015 Officer R. Gensler conducted a suspicious vehicle investigation in the Village Shires development in the township.  As a result of this investigation, numerous GPS units, computers, medical equipment, handbags and other personal belongings have been recovered. 

We have been able to identify some victims through police reports that were filed and several other victims through either addresses in their GPS units or personal information recovered. 

To date we still have numerous pieces of property we have not been able to match to theft from vehicle reports and have not been unclaimed.

In speaking with the suspects involved, they indicated that all of the thefts occurred from unlocked vehicles.

We are asking that anybody that has had property removed from their vehicle or have noticed that, “Something looked funny/ my glove box contents were on my seat/etc.” and have not previously filed a police report please contact Officer R. Gensler or Detective P. Stark at 215-322-6111.