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Electric Bathroom Exhaust Fan Fire Hazard - Notice from Northampton Fire Marshal

We are recommending that all residents within Village Shires review the condition of their bathroom fans as soon as possible.

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Townhomes With 2nd Story Decks

Courtesy notice for Town home unit owners who have 2nd story decks attached to their homes       If you own a Town home in Village Shires which has an original 2nd story deck attached to it, this notice is being sent to you as a courtesy.   The VSCA Board members wish for you to be aware that it may be advisable for you to have your 2nd story deck inspected to make sure that it is stable and safe.   

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Village Shires has a Facebook page! Please give us a "like" on Facebook. You can find us at VILLAGE SHIRES COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION.

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ILLEGAL DUMPING in Condominium Dumpsters

It has come to the attention of the VSCA Board that residents in the town homes and single homes have reportedly been seen dumping trash and/or construction debris in dumpsters which do not belong to them. Please be advised that the town homes and single homes do not have any dumpsters that belong to them for trash or recyclable dumping. These dumpsters belong to the condominium associations where they are located and are paid for by those individual communities. The town homes and single homes have curbside pick-up contracted to Mascaro by Northampton Township. Please pass this information on to any contractor you may have doing work in your home that there is NO DUMPING of trash or debris in any dumpster including the dumpster located at Clubhouse One or any other community dumpster. The VSCA Board is prepared to support the involvement of The Northampton Township Police Department and any resulting tickets, fines and/or prosecution. Please pass this information on to your tenants also. Thanks for your cooperation.

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