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Do not use open space for any kind of dumping. Dumping of any kind on common ground (yard waste, tree branches, leaves, etc.) is a category 'C" violation of the Enforcement  Procedures and carries a $100.00 fine. 

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Electric Bathroom Exhaust Fan Fire Hazard - Notice from Northampton Fire Marshal

We are recommending that all residents within Village Shires review the condition of their bathroom fans as soon as possible.

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Community Announcements

Village Shires Annual Meeting

To: Village Shires Community Association Owners From: Anthony Brummans, Property Manager VSCA Re: Early Notice of VSCA Annual Meeting and Nomination Application Information Posted and Sent: August 24, 2017 This notice contains important information about the Annual Meeting of the Village Shires Community Association and about the process required for anyone who might want to seek election to a seat on the Village Shires Executive Board. This year, three (3) terms are expiring and all three board members whose terms expire have expressed their written intent to seek re-election (Article VI -Section 4 (a) of VSCA By-laws). ANNUAL MEETING The Annual Meeting of the Village Shires Community Association (Article IV Section 4 of the VSCA By-Laws) will be held at Clubhouse 1 - 3001 E. Village Road, Holland PA 18966 at 7:00 pm on Monday October 16th. Nomination Applications If you are an owner in good standing and would like to run for election to the Village Shires Community Association Executive Board, then please come to the Management office and pick up a Nomination Application. Signatures of 50 Members of the Community, along with their applicable address within the Village Shires Community, are required in order to get your name put onto the election ballot. Only one Member (owner) per address may count towards the 50 signatures. The Nomination Application must then be returned to our office by 4:00pm on Sept. 14th.

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Northampton Township Dog Ordinance

Chapter 2: Animal - Part 1: Dogs - 2-105. Sanitary Maintenance: "It shall be the responsibility of dog owners to keep their dogs from scratching, digging, defecating or urinating upon any lawns, trees, shrubs, plants, buildings or any other public or private property, excluding the property of the dog owner. The owner of any dog, in the event that such dog defecates on any property other than that of the owner, shall immediately remove and dispose of all feces so deposited in a sanitary manner. Also, it is the responsibility of the owner of any animal to properly clean and otherwise maintain his pounds, kennels, yards and other areas in which such animal is kept to prevent the creation of any nuisance, health hazard or odor." PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG AND DON'T ALLOW YOUR DOG ON ANOTHER'S PROPERTY.

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Townhomes With 2nd Story Decks

Courtesy notice for Town home unit owners who have 2nd story decks attached to their homes       If you own a Town home in Village Shires which has an original 2nd story deck attached to it, this notice is being sent to you as a courtesy.   The VSCA Board members wish for you to be aware that it may be advisable for you to have your 2nd story deck inspected to make sure that it is stable and safe.   

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Community Bulletin Board


We are still receiving updates from The Northampton Township Police Department. They continue to experience an increase in thefts from unlocked vehicles, predominantly in the Holland area of the township. Please remember to lock your vehicle at all times!

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